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“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, both financial affluence and emotional security.”

-Suze Orman



    I lease my agriculture property with the help of dewan.


    I sold my showroom with the help of dewan.


    I bought Independent house from dewan.


    Dewan provided us good home at reasonable price.

Why Dewan Realtors!


    Guidance about all do’s and dont’s while buying property


    In depth project comparisons


    Status of project approvals 


    Builder background and credibility


    Tax benefits with home loan facility and government schemes associated with homes


    Best price/Bottom price



    Revealing inside information

    • Sample flat vs Actual flat
    • Super area vs Carpet area
    • Expected vs Actual possession date
    • Construction quality 

    Need analysis as per Client requirement

    • Family size
    • Work location
    • Budget 
    • Hometown


Property Consultant

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